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The iStatus software provides the ability to graphically view the data, configure messaging, build reports, export data, scale and zero sensor outputs.  If software is not desired or is not an option, the web receiver can be configured as a data collection device and server over the user friendly web interface.  

Sensors and Transmitter

Each wireless transmitter can manage up to 3 sensors. They are configured to your specification at the factory. Type K thermocouple, humidity, dewpoint, contact closure rate, dwell time, count and status are standard.  Analog inputs such as 4-20 mA, 0 to 5 and 0 to 10 volts make our transmitters compatible with most available sensors and PLCs.

Receiver Options

All PST receivers feature rugged anodized aluminum enclosures with integral mounting brackets. Each receiver can handle up to 150 transmitters. Ethernet , Modbus TCP, XML or USB connections are available.  Pair up an analog output receiver with a transmitter and connect directly to your PLC’s analog input.

Predictive Sensor Technology (PST) opens the door to low-cost condition based plant asset maintenance.  The iStatus system monitors your plant 24/7 allowing you to plan maintenance and avoid the middle-of-the-night calls and the overtime costs.

The PST iStatus system has everything you need--out of the box:

"Snap-on" sensors install quickly and require no calibration

Portable USB or flexible Ethernet receivers monitor sensor transmissions.  iStatus software collects and stores data, checks for abnormal operations and sends and E-mail or text when attention is needed

It's THAT simple

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