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All PST receivers feature rugged anodized aluminum enclosures with integral mounting brackets. Each receiver can handle up to 150 transmitters. Power and communication LEDs indicate proper setup.

PST-Rx.W Web Receiver

The PST-Rx.W Web receiver has Modbus, CSV and XML output options.  It is configured using a web browser and can be used without software or a server.  All Data can be viewed with a web browser.  Data and configuration are saved to an on-board micro SD card.  Static or DHCP addressing options.   

PST-Rx.E Ethernet Receiver

The PST-Rx.E Ethernet receiver. These compact receivers can be installed anywhere there is ethernet access. Receivers are capable of DHCP or static IP address. A software utility is provided to allow for auto-discovery of DHCP assigned IP addresses. Up to 64 receivers can be monitored by one installation of the iStatus software

PST-Rx.USB USB Receiver

The PST-Rx.USB receiver connects directly to the computer that is working as the server and is powered by the USB port. This is an excellent choice for a portable application.  Only one USB receiver can be used with the iStatus software.

Price:  $395.00

Price:  $462.00

Price:  $495.00