Wireless Condition Monitoring

Fully automate the condition monitoring process.

Increase Throughput. Predict Problems. Plan Repairs.

Reliable, low-cost wireless monitoring of key environmental and mechanical conditions can now be extended to as many assets as desired to help you Know Before It Goes.

The PST system begins with a powerful battery-powered transmitter and pre-wired sensor. Transmitter range is up to 1200 feet. Each pre-calibrated sensor installs easily, requires very little setup and requires no calibration.

Our receivers each handle up to 150 transmitters. Receivers resend transmissions to a computer with iStatus software. Connection to a receiver may be local through a USB cable or remote over your company's network via TCP or Modbus TCP. A single monitoring computer can manage up to 64 network receivers.  It is also possible to bring data directly into a PLC with point to point emulation. Discrete inputs are emulated at the receiver end with dry relay contacts and analog voltages are emulated by a 0-5 volt output.  See sensor options for more information.

IStatus software checks each data transmission against user-configured alarm thresholds. New alarms trigger e-mail or text notification. iStatus automatically logs data at user-configured intervals in a SQL database. Users can run convenient pre-configured reports to view trends or program their own in the SQL database.  The web receiver enables configuration and data collection on a user-friendly web interface.  Real-time data is available via Modbus TCP, XML or CSV.

Installation And Commissioning

PST sensors easily "bolt on" to existing equipment. Receivers do not require permanent installation but feature convenient mounting tabs. The iStatus software installs easily.   

Once your equipment is installed, sensors are easily added and configured in the intuitive user interface. Configuration is easy: enter the alarm thresholds and email/text contact information and you are finished. iStatus will notify you when there is a problem.

Installation of the Critical Link Matched pairs is even simpler.  Pair the transmitter with the receiver using the pairing button in the enclosure.  The blinking LED will confirm success.  The Critical Link receiver will now output a 4-20 mA signal that is proportional to the input on the transmitter.  Connect it to your SCADA system or PLC as if it were any other analog input.    

Industries Served

PST wireless condition monitors were developed for industrial use in many applications:

  • Lift station monitoring

  • Water treatment plant monitoring

  • Motor temperature and current draw for motors on fans, mixers, pumps and conveyors

  • Bearing temperature for all types of equipment

  • Clean room temperature and humidity monitoring

  • 4-20 mA or voltage analog outputs from equipment such as PLCs, compressors and air dryers

  • Discrete contact status on pushbuttons

  • Pulse counting, totalization or frequency measurement on flow meters

Applications can be found in many industries including: manufacturing. packaging, food and beverage, paper products, pharmaceutical, electronics assembly and more.